Resources and Development

Mailing Lists

Supervisor has a mailing list for users. You may subscribe to the Supervisor-users mailing list.

Supervisor has a mailing list for checkins too. You may subscribe to the Supervisor-checkins mailing list.

Bug Tracker

Supervisor has a bugtracker where you may report any bugs or other errors you find. Please report bugs to the GitHub issues page.

Version Control Repository

You can also view the Supervisor version control repository.


Supervisor development is discussed on the mailing list. We’ll review contributions from the community in both pull requests on GitHub (preferred) and patches sent to the list.


If you’d like to sponsor further Supervisor development (for custom projects), please let one of the authors know.

Author Information

The following people are responsible for creating Supervisor.

Primary Authors and Maintainers

  • Chris McDonough is the original author of Supervisor and the primary maintainer.


  • Anders Quist: Anders contributed the patch that was the basis for Supervisor’s ability to reload parts of its configuration without restarting.
  • Derek DeVries: Derek did the web design of Supervisor’s internal web interface and website logos.
  • Guido van Rossum: Guido authored zdrun and zdctl, the programs from Zope that were the original basis for Supervisor. He also created Python, the programming language that Supervisor is written in.
  • Jason Kirtland: Jason fixed Supervisor to run on Python 2.6 by contributing a patched version of Medusa (a Supervisor dependency) that we now bundle.
  • Roger Hoover: Roger added support for spawning FastCGI programs. He has also been one of the most active mailing list users, providing his testing and feedback.
  • Siddhant Goel: Siddhant worked on supervisorctl as our Google Summer of Code student for 2008. He implemented the fg command and also added tab completion.